March 7 (Tuesday), 2017

All MICS graduate students will present their research activities in the poster session. The research topics are grouped into three major areas, RF & mm- wave, RF system, and power management circuit. This is a good opportunity for industry attendants to learn about MICS research activities and to interact with students.. 

MICS Titles

Theme Student Authors Title
Power Management Circuits Alante Dancy Vibration Energy Harvesting Circuit to Power Wireless Sensor Nodes
Power Management Circuits Erick Aponte Secure Energy Harvesting System Design
Power Management Circuits Ji Hoon Hyun A High-Efficiency Series-SSHI Circuit for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Power Management Circuits Yudong Xu Energy Harvesting IC with Input Matching for Electromagnetic Generators
High Temperature RF Systems Jebreel Salem A High Temperature Transceiver Front-End for Down-Hole Communications
High Temperature RF Systems Jebreel Salem A High Temperature Variable Gain Amplifier for a Downhole Communication System
High Temperature RF Systems Jebreel Salem A High Temperature Wideband Low Noise Amplifier
High Temperature RF Systems Jebreel Salem A High Temperature Wideband Power Amplifier for Down-Hole Communications
High Temperature RF Systems Brannon Kerrigan Design of a High Temperature GaN-based Power Amplifier
High Temperature RF Systems Nathan Turner Design of a High Temperature GaN-based VCO for Downhole Communications
RF & mm-Wave IC Dongseok Shin A Subharmonically Injection-Locked PLL with 130 fs RMS Jitter at 24 GHz using Synchronous Reference Pulse Injection from Nonlinear VCO Envelope Feedback
RF & mm-Wave IC Farooq Amin Integrated RF & Microwave Tunable 4th-order Band-Pass Filter in Silicon Technology
RF & mm-Wave IC Hyunchul Kim Highly Efficient Class AB Power Amplifiers in 32nm SOI CMOS at W-band
RF & mm-Wave IC Joseph Chong CMOS 40 Gb/s Clock Recovery for Next Generation Optical Communications
RF & mm-Wave IC Keyvan Ramezanpour Nonlinear Characteristics Comparison of Class F, inverse F and AB Power Amplifiers
RF & mm-Wave IC Sadia Afroz Power Efficient W-band Quadrature-Hybrid based Phase Interpolation Phased-Array Front-end
RF & mm-Wave IC Shinwoong Park 3.25 Gs/sec 4-Tap Analog FIR Filter with Coefficient Control by 6bit Split-Capacitor DAC Multiplier in 32nm SOI CMOS
Optics Daniel Herrera Large-area GaSb solar cells grown by molecular beam epitaxy


CESCA Titles

Theme Student Authors Title
Design Automation Akshay Kumar Shastry Considerations in synthesis of Electronic Architectures for Autonomous Cars
Design Automation Amith Kaushal B N Rao Model Predictive Control using an online Timing model induced by CAN
Design Automation Prakriti Gupta Electric Vehicle Charging Demand using Human Mobility
Design Automation Sonal Pinto RTL Functional Test Generation Using Factored Concolic Execution
Design Automation Prachi Joshi The multi-domain frame packing problem for CAN-FD
Design Automation Qingyu Liu On the Delay-Sensitive Flow Optimization: Complexity, Algorithm, Int-Gap and Bi-Criteria Bound
Design Automation Yecheng Zhao Virtual Deadline Guided Priority Assignment for Optimizing Response Time
Design Automation Tonmoy Roy Determining RTL Branch Reachability and its Use in ACO Based Validation
Design Automation Kunal Bansal RTL Verification - Mutation Coverage using Evolutionary Algorithms
Design Automation Yue Zhan E-rduino - English — Arduino : One Natural Language Programming (NLP) Application
Computer Vision Abdulaziz Alorf Real-time Face Recognition
Computer Vision Abhijit Sarkar LBP-Lacunarity Based Texture Descriptor for Face Anti-spoofing
Computer Vision Ahmed Ibrahim Text Detection using Deep Learning
Computer Vision S. Pradeep Cancer Cell Identification and Tracking Based on Phenotypes
Computer Vision Sherin GhanNam Prediction of Unavailable Landsat images by Multitemporal Fusion of Landsat and MODIS
Computer Vision Surabhi Satyajit Gujar Kinect - The New Psychic
Network and Network Security Curtis Kexiong Zeng A Practical GPS Location Spoofing Attack in Road Navigation Scenario
Network and Network Security He Li Privacy preserving dynamic spectrum access system
Network and Network Security Yanzhi Dou Preserving User Privacy in Dynamic Spectrum Access Systems
Hardware Security Abhishek Bendre FAME PCB: Extension for Sakura-G
Hardware Security Abhishek Lahoti Design and Integration of portable gas chromatography system
Hardware Security Archanaa Santhana Krishnan Precomputing in Energy Harvested IoT
Hardware Security Chinmay Deshpande FAME
Hardware Security Chuck Suslowicz Efficient Random Number Generation for Energy Harvested Systems
Hardware Security Conor Patrick Secure Countermeasure Against Fault Injection and Side Channels
Hardware Security Harsha Mandadi Design method for Remote Integrity Checking of complex PCBs
Hardware Security Marjan Ghodrati Building a Fault-Attack Resistant Processor in TSMC 180nm Technology
Hardware Security Yuan Yao Breaking AES use DPA and Chipwhisperer


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