As of Spring semester, 2017, there are 16 graduate students (13 Ph.D. and 3 M.S. students ). MICS graduate students are dedicated and hard working individuals, who, along with MICS faculty members, pursue to build and maintain a best research group in multifunctional IC research in the world.

Ph.D. Students

Name Topic Expected Graduation Advisor
Iskren Abdomerovic PALNA T/R Circuits for Millimeter Wave Phased Arrays Fall 2017 Raman
Sadia Afroz Millimeter-wave Phased Arrays Spring 2016 Koh
Farooq Amin High Efficient Millimeter-wave Power Amplifiers Spring 2017 Koh & Raman
Joseph Chong High Speed Receiver/Transmitter for Optical Communications

Spring 2017

Daniel Herrera GaSb & InGaAsSb Thermophotovoltaic Diodes Spring 2018 Lester
Ji Hoon Hyun IC Design for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
Spring 2020 Ha
Brannon Kerrigan Design of High Temperature GaN Transistor-Based Power Amplifier  Spring 2020 Ha
Hyunchul Kim Research on Sub-THz Transceiver Architectrures and Designs in Silicons  Spring 2017 Koh
Chris Maxey mm-wave all digital PLL Fall 2015 Raman
Shinwoong Park Analog FFT Spring 2018 Koh & Raman
Keyvan Ramezanpour High Efficiency Power Amplifiers  Spring 2020 Koh
Kanika Saini High Efficiency Envelop Tracking Power Amplifiers Spring 2016 Raman
Jebreel Salem High Temperature IC Design for Oil / Gas Exploration Fall 2016 Ha
Dongseok Shin Millimeter-wave VCOs and PLLs Spring 2016 Koh


M.S. Students

Name Topic Expected Graduation Advisor
Venkata Adiqopula Network on Chip Sping 2018 Ampadu
Erick Aponte Secure Energy Harvesting System Design Spring 2017 Ha
Shamit Bansal Network on Chip Spring 2018 Ampadu
Ben Conlon GaSb and InGaAsSb Thermophotovoltaic Diodes Spring 2017 Lester
Alanté Dancy IC Design for Vibration Energy Harvesting Summer 2018 Ha
Vinidhra Sivakumar Approximate computing for NoC architectures Spring 2018 Ampadu
Nate Turner Design of a High Temperature VCO Based on GaN Transistors Summer 2018 Ha
Yudong Xu Energy Harvesting IC Design for Vibration Summer 2016 Ha