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Multifunctional Integrated Circuits and Systems (MICS)


Welcome to MICS!

About MICS

The MICS group conducts research in the area of multifunctional integrated circuits and systems, specifically analog, mixed-signal, and RF/microwave/mm-wave IC designs, and optoelectronics, in advanced silicon and related emerging technologies, such as CMOS, BiCMOS, SOI, SiGe, GaN, 3D, and MEMS. Target applications for such circuits and systems include: energy harvesting, neuromorphic computing, network on chip, phased arrays, thermo-photovoltaic cells, wireless / wireline communications, harsh environment communications, and beyond. The capabilities of the MICS group faculty, students, and design and measurement infrastructure enable us to research and develop complete solutions to emerging problems in these areas.

The mission of the MICS group is to conduct innovative research in integrated circuits and systems to expand the knowledge base and impact commercial and national security applications, while providing a high caliber educational experience for graduate and undergraduate students to become future leaders in academia and industry. Towards this mission, the MICS group actively publishes research findings in top tier international conferences and journals, and establishes industry partnerships, government sponsored programs, and collaborations with other research groups and institutes.

To prospective industry partners:

MICS offers several means to work with companies. We will actively assist companies to recruit MICS students and Virginia Tech ECE students for permanent positions, co-ops, and summer interns. Profiles and resumes for MICS graduate students and undergraduate students are available to help your recruiting efforts. We will also help you identify prospective students and facilitate meetings with them during your campus visits.

The MICS group is also strongly committed to research collaborations with industry, through sponsored research contracts, student internships, and the MICS Industry Affiliates Program (IAP). Becoming a member of the MICS IAP is an excellent way to get broad access to MICS’s research and intellectual property (IP) and to direct the focus of the MICS research. The MICS faculty will be happy to visit your company for technical presentations and discussions.

To prospective students:

We enjoy what we are doing, both inside and outside the MICS laboratories. MICS students have opportunities to publish and present their work at top tier international conferences, both in the US and overseas. We often get together for lunch, drinks, or hike along the Appalachian Trail and nearby national forests. If you are inquisitive, passionate and energetic, we invite you to join us! We will work hard and together, while enjoying life.

Overview of MICS