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Directions and Lodging

March 6 (Tuesday), 2018

The MICS Day will be held in Owens Hall on Virginia Tech campus. This page provides directions to Owens Hall and information on parking, and lodging. Virginia Tech campus maps are available here.

Direction to Virginia Tech, Parking, and Owens Hall

Take exit "Prices Fork Rd" from 460 W. You should pick up a parking tag at the Visitor Center, park your car at a parking lot, and then walk to Owens Hall.

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Check in with the Visitor Center

Take exit "Prices Fork Rd" from 460 W. Take a right turn at the first traffic light you come to towards The Inn at Virginia Tech. Then take the next possible right.

Visitor Center

To park on campus during business hours, you need to pick up a parking tag from the Visitor Center and display the tag at the windshield. The Visitor Center (Building 249 on the campus map) is located near the Inn at Virginia Tech, and it is called  "Visitor Center and Undergraduate Admission Center".) officially. If you want to receive a parking tag in advance by mail, please contact Dong Ha (

Address: 965 Prices Fork Road, Blacksburg, VA, 24061, USA



It is the spring break week on the MICS Day. So, there will be an ample parking space around the campus. We suggest you park at the large parking lot (P3 on the campus map), which is in front of Goodwin Halll (Building 136 on the campus map). However, you may park any place on campus except designated for service vehicles.

As a reminder it is important for you to pick up your parking tag at the Visitor Center before coming to the event.

Address: 635 Prices Fork Road , Blacksburg, VA, 24061, USA

If you plan to stay at The Inn at Virginia Tech, Perry Street is currently blocked by construction, please use the directions to the parking lot shown.



Directions to Owens Hall

It takes about ten minutes by walk from the parking lot in front of Whttemore Hall to Owens Hall (Building 195 on the campus map)

Address: 150 Kent St, Blacksburg, VA, 24061, USA



Airport, and Bus / Taxis Services

The closest commercial airport to Blacksburg is the Roanoke Regional Airport, which is approximately 40 miles from Blacksburg. Follow this link to the airport's website. The airport has  taxi services whose one ware fare is about $65 excluding tip.

There is a bus service (called  Smartway Bus) between the airport and Virginia Tech. The bus schedule can be accessed here. The bus takes approximately 1.5 hours from the airport to Blacksburg, and the one way fare is only $4. (You have to prepare the exact amount; there is no change.) Take off at Squares Center in Blacksburg, which is the last  stop.


Hotel/Motel Accommodation

The following four hotels are in walking distance. 


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