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Poster Session

March 6 (Tuesday), 2018

MICS graduate students will present their research activities in the poster session. The research topics are grouped into four major areas, energy harvesting, neuromorphic computing, network-on-chip, and RF & mm- wave IC. This is a good opportunity for industry attendants to learn about MICS research activities and interact with students.

Theme Presenter Title

Energy Harvesting

Alante Dancy

Split-Capacitor Boost Converter in Boundary Conduction Mode

Energy Harvesting

Ji Hoon Hyun

Vibration and Thermal Energy Harvesting System for Automobiles

Energy Harvesting

Jungjie Wang

Vibration Energy Harvesting Circuit to Power Wireless Sensor Nodes

Energy Harvesting

Shuxiang Yu

A Self-Powered Water Meter for IoT and WSNs Application

Energy Harvesting

Kartik Nair

Prototyping of a FM Digital Demodulator

Neuromorphic computing

Hongyu An

Three-dimensional Neuromorphic Computing and its Application to Associative Memory

Neuromorphic computing

Kang Jun Bai

Energy-efficient Analog Delayed Feedback Reservoir Computing System

Neuromorphic computing

Shuang Cheng

Neural Network Control of Buck Converter

Neuromorphic computing

Kian Hamedani

Reservoir Computing Meets Smart Grids: Attack Detection Using Delayed Feedback Networks

Neuromorphic computing

Jialing Li

A Deep Learning Based Approach for Delayed Feedback Reservoir Computing Systems

Neuromorphic computing

Chenyuan Zhao

Energy Efficient Analog Spiking Temporal Neural Encoder for Brain-inspired Computing


Xingye Liu

Hybrid Optical-Electrical Interconnection for Heterogeneous System in Package


Keyvan Ramezanpour

Reconfigurable Clock Generation with Wide-Frequency Range and Fast Switching


Brian Worek

Approximate Storage for Multi-Core Networks-on-Chip

RF & mm-wave IC

Iskren Abdomerovic

An Efficient 94 GHz Switched T/R Circuit Design in 32SOI Technology

RF & mm-wave IC

Brannon Kerrigan

High Temperature RF System Design for Downhole Communications

RF & mm-wave IC

Hyunchul Kim

High Efficient Class AB Power Amplifiers in 32 SOI CMOS at W-band

RF & mm-wave IC

Shinwoong Park

3.25 Gs/sec 4-Tap Analog FIR Filter with Coefficient Control by 6bit Split-Capacitor DAC Multiplier in 32nm SOI CMOS

RF & mm-wave IC

Kanika Saini

S Band GaN LNA with OIP3 >50 dBm using Parallel Independently Biased Gates

RF & mm-wave IC

Nate Turner

High Temperature 2.4 GHz VCO Implemented using GaN-on-SiC technology

RF & mm-wave IC

Farooq Amin

Integrated RF and Microwave Tunable 4th Order Band-pass Filtering in Silicon Technology


Daniel Herrera

Characterization of Be and S Implanted GaSb thermophotovoltaic materials and devices