Personal History - How Dong ha grew up

Family: With his wife and son.
Their Cat, Dog, and House
Picture of Dr. Ha's Cat

Ko-yang-i (means cat in Korean)

Picture of Dr. Ha's Dog


Picture of Dr. Ha's House

Their house

Hobbies, Favorites and Statistics

  • Swimming - swimms regularly once a week 
  • Gardening - tenders a variety vegitables planted around his house 
  • Classical music - Beethoven, Mozart, Chakovsky, ...
  • History books- Korean, American and world histories 
  • Amateur Radio (KE4NFE) - less active due to busy life
  • Radio station - NPR (National Public Radio) 
  • Food - Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and any spicey ones 
  • Drinks - Imported beers
  • Birth date - November 27, 1951 
  • Birth place - Milyang, South Korea 
  • Height - 180 cm (5'11") 
  • Weight - 84 Kg (186 lb) 
  • Most recent book read - "My Life Story" (in Korean) by Joo-Young Jung, founder of Hyundai Corporations, Korea 
  • Car - GM Lumina 98 with car plate "VLSI" 
  • Motto - "Genius is 1% of inspiration and 99% of perspiration"


  • Dong Ha likes to travel. The most recent travel was Grand Canyon with his family in June 1998. 
    Other places were he has been to include .....

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