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MICS Graduate Students

As of the Spring 2022 semester, there are 19 graduate students (11 Ph.D. and 8 M.S. students). MICS graduate students are dedicated and hardworking individuals, who, along with MICS faculty members, pursue to build and maintain the best research group in multifunctional IC research in the world.

Ph.D. Students

Name Topic Status Advisor
Xingye Liu
Adaptive Integrated DC/DC Converter for Emerging IoT Edge Computing and Manycore Applications Passed Qualifying Exam in Fall 2015 Ampadu
Shenghou Ma Approximate computing and AI Passed Qualifying Exam in Spring 2014 Ampadu
   Yibin Liang
Neuromorphic and Intelligent Computing Systems Passed Qualifying Exam in Fall 2020 Yi
Shiya Liu Deep Reservoir Computing System and its Emerging Applications
Passed Qualifying Exam in Fall 2019 Yi
Fabiha Nowshin Neuromorphic computing, Energing Device Passed Qualifying Exam in Spring 2021 Yi
Nima Mohammadi Spiking Neural Nets & Privacy-Aware ML Passed Qualifying Exam in Fall 2021 Yi
Chunxiao Lin  Neuromorphic computing, VLSI Design. Joined in Fall 2021 Yi
Honghao Zheng  Neuromorphic computing, Analog IC  Passed Qualifying Exam in Fall2021 Yi
Ramashish Gaurav Spiking Neural Networks and Neuromorphic Computing Joined in Spring 2022 Yi
Jinhua Wang Energy harvesting, analog IC Passed Qualifying Exam in Spring 2021 Ha
Zhuqing Zhao Machine learning Joined in Summer 2021 Ha

M.S. Students 

Name Topic Expected Graduation Advisor
Varsha Seshasayee Neural Encoder IC Design Graduated Summer 2020 Yi
Juliet Anderson Neuromorphic computing, Analog IC  May 2022 Yi
Spoorthi Airody Suresh Neuromorphic Computing and Cybersecurity   Yi
Osaze Shears Neuromorphic Computing with FPGAs and ICs May 2022 Yi
Saleh Alghamdi Wireless Sensor Nodes and Machine learning   Ha
Abhishek Damle Low power wireless sensor nodes   Ha
Rajesh Kudupudi Machine Learning for RF systems   Ha
Brandon Cheung  Embedded Systems Sensor Node Design   Ha
Sakshi Taori Energy harvesting, analog IC   Ha